Sydny (princesssyd007) wrote in baller_layouts,

Color scheme: beige and teals..whatever looks nice with the banner
Font color. black
Border type: (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double.) solid
Border thickness. {thick, medium, thin} medium
Border color: teal..I guess
Entry background color (it can be a color or transparent): white
Entry position: {left, center, right} center
Entry width. {wide, medium, thin} wide
Layout: (generator or disjointed) generator
Comment links text: # ♥ are two of a kind
Background picture ( please provide a url): this is a banner <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

Background picture position: {left, center, right} center
Background scrolling: {repeat, no repeat} n/a
Scroll bar colors: same as the background and border
Background color if you don't want a picture/ or if your picture doesnt take up the whole page: n/a
Any other comments/Examples? nope. thankyou so much to whoever does this!

sweet_pea089  made the banner
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