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Color scheme: light blue
Font color: White
Border type: (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double.) dashed
Border thickness. {thick, medium, thin} medium
Border color: white
Entry background color (it can be a color or transparent): dark blue
Entry position: {left, center, right} center
Entry width. {wide, medium, thin} medium
Layout: (generator or disjointed) generator
Comment links text: just "comment"
Background picture ( please provide a url):
Background picture position: {left, center, right} top
Background scrolling: {repeat, no repeat} no repeat
Scroll bar colors: light blue and white
Background color if you don't want a picture/ or if your picture doesnt take up the whole page: light blue
Any other comments/Examples?

I would like the entries to be in the middle of the page with the picture right above that and then the links for info, calender and friends in between them..if you could, can you fade the edges of the picture, too?

thank you so much if you can do this :D

hopefully its understandable.


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