Zibby (cavalierkisses) wrote in baller_layouts,

EDIT: Never mind I figured it out!

Hi, this isn't a request for a whole layout so it should be pretty simple.

I'm not asking for a whole layout change but here's my request-
Could someone make my comment bar look like this:

12Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So that you click the speech bubble to leave a comment. Also, could you make the two pictures without a space between them? I just did that so that you could see that they were two separate images.

Also, is it possible to make the "12"/number of comments a little bigger? And right now there's a black box around the image. Could you get rid of that? Thanks

P.S. Lovin the layout
Did you just switch to paid? I don't remember it being paid before.
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