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A friend made this layout for me: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/HowieDay/Alexander%20James/ajlayyyyout.jpg
She got confused on setting it up.  the three pictures under the big pic are supposed to be "clickable" and take you to INFO, FRIENDS, and CALENDER.  I'll fill out what applies at the bottom.

Color scheme:
Font color:
white or black, whatever looks best.  I trust ya
Border type: (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double.): none, solid line dividing entries
Border thickness. {thick, medium, thin}: line medium
Border color: line same color as font
Entry background color (it can be a color or transparent):
Entry position: {left, center, right}:
right, under "I'm awake but my world is half asleep"
Entry width. {wide, medium, thin}: fill the space next to the picture....medium?
Layout: (generator or disjointed)
Comment links text:
Call me "sexy"/# have called
Background picture ( please provide a url): see above
Background picture position: {left, center, right}
Background scrolling: {repeat, no repeat}
Scroll bar colors:
Background color if you don't want a picture/ or if your picture doesnt take up the whole page:
Any other comments/Examples?


Thank you...please let me know if it's confusing.  If you have to start all over, the above picture is EXACTLY the layout i want.

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