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Okay i just started a new community and i need some banners, icons, and a backround!! ahh i know this community is only for Layouts but i'd greatly appreciate it!! If anybody does this for me I'll give them and 2 friends auto-accepts!! SOO PLEASE!! you dont have to do all of this you can even pick just one thing but please!! I REALLY need this!

Color scheme: I want a bunch of lil pink hearts
Font color. Pink
Border type: (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double.) Dotted
Border thickness. {thick, medium, thin} Medium
Border color: Pink
Entry background color (it can be a color or transparent): Black
Entry position: {left, center, right} Right
Entry width. {wide, medium, thin} Medium
Layout: (generator or disjointed) ??? whatever you think would look best!
Comment links text: number (glowing heart) is hot
Background picture ( please provide a url):
Background picture position: {left, center, right} Left
Background scrolling: {repeat, no repeat} Whatever you think will look best!
Scroll bar colors: Pink
Background color if you don't want a picture/ or if your picture doesnt take up the whole page:
Any other comments/Examples?

I just want things in pink sparkly letters that say, 1. Mods 2. Banners and 3. Members

For the banners i want accept banner and a rejected banner and a promotion banner, The accept one- i want this picture of paris hilton and that says, your hot...
accepted at xoxo_Hawt <3

Reject one- i want this pic and i want it to say, She's really hot... sorry to say your NOT! Rejected at xoxo_hawt

promotion banner w/e doesnt matter to me what you do but it's gotta be a pic of jessica simpson with the words come to xoxo_hawt on it!

The icon.... I want this pic
and i want it to say.. dont be jealous

and for the backround I want the text centered and this picture
and i want it to say we're so hot all over it!!

Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!
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