Bones (xxxoixxx) wrote in baller_layouts,

maker application

Do you make layouts or Graphics or both: both but i only take layout request.
Are you in any other similar communities: yes, lagirl_layouts and a few others.
Can you do animated graphics/icons: nope.
Preferred email/ screenname: but i rarely check my email.
If you make layouts, what format do you prefer (generator,disjointed, punquin elequent,etc.): generator.
Do you have any available examples?:
Simple Layouts:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Side Bar Layouts:
 Layout By xxxoixxx  Layout By xxxoixxx

Free Image Hosting at  Layout By xxxoixxx

Double Side Bar Layouts
Free Image Hosting at

Entry Box Layouts
Free Image Hosting at  Layout By xxxoixxx
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