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This Is Baller_Layouts

**Baller_Layouts**- We are committed

Baller Layouts
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Promote us-- remove the stars first
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/baller_layouts/">
<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v299/solost88/RAndomness/blay.bmp"><*/a>

send any general questions to: urgonnagetit
does layouts
Preferred email/ screenname:silentscreams@rock.com
Types of layouts: disjointed and generator

makes layouts
Can you do animated graphics/icons: yes
Preferred email/ screenname: Jujugal333@aol.com
Types of layouts:generator

Do you make layouts or Graphics or both: mainly layouts, but both
Preferred email/ screenname: n01s3andk1ss3s-aim
Types of layouts: generator or disjointed, also does paid styles

VERY IMPORTANT: if you have a custom made background or a resized picture please upload it to your own host server because it will most likely be deleted from mine after a few days and if you havent uploaded the picture then it wont show up. Now we dont want that now do we?

Also we are looking for Mods/ Makers. Post if interested:
Do you make layouts or Graphics or both:
Are you in any other similar communities:
Can you do animated graphics/icons:
Preferred email/ screenname:
If you make layouts, what format do you prefer (generator,disjointed, punquin elequent,etc.):
Do you have any available examples?:

Please put requests behind a cut.

Color scheme:
Font color.
Border type: (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double.)
Border thickness. {thick, medium, thin}
Border color:
Entry background color (it can be a color or transparent):
Entry position: {left, center, right}
Entry width. {wide, medium, thin}
Layout: (generator or disjointed)
Comment links text:
Background picture ( please provide a url):
Background picture position: {left, center, right}
Background scrolling: {repeat, no repeat}
Scroll bar colors:
Background color if you don't want a picture/ or if your picture doesnt take up the whole page:
Any other comments/Examples?

You are limited to one request per 10 day period. Use the request form. Also if you want you may choose your maker, your choices are between: _p0etictragedy_,bornbuckeye3 and urgonnagetit.However you do not have to choose if you dont want to.
Comment or email urgonnagetit if interested in being a sister site
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